Saturday, April 21, 2012


April 17th my sheep "Connie" lambed a little Ram and I named him "Cuss."
He is so tiny and cute! My sheep live at a friend's farm until we can build our barn next to the house. Last lambing season Connie did not have a baby and she was so broken hearted. She was stealing babies from the other moms.
This baby has her very happy!
Connie and Cuss are Southdown/ Dorset cross. I want to have Shetlands so Connie and Cuss will be the only ones of their kind at my house.

I have a bazillion UFOs at my house, but I couldn't resist dropping them and finishing a sweater my sister-in-law Patti's mother had started for her in the 60s. It's a "RedHeart" worsted weight yarn pattern on size 13US needles. The sleeves are 3/4 length. She was so close to the finish and it is a quick knit that I don't know why she stopped! I started another one just so I could do the whole thing. I'm doing the sleeves in the round because that's less sewing!

Hilda taught me to make Spaetzle. Ron's family is very German and his mother made spaetzle for soup. Hilda likes it with just cheese. I like it with gravy. Spaetzle is just a dough dumpling basically. Hilda gave me one of her family's spaetzle makers. It was in the family for over 50 years.

Hilda is 83 years old and so very active! I take her yarn whenever I visit and she makes slippers to donate for churches and rehabilitation centers. There were overe 200 pairs on my last visit. Amazing.


Petra said...

Congratulations to Connie! Beautiful baby :)

We love spaetzle! I usually make them instead of pasta for goulash, or other "saucy" dish. Or they are also really good with sauerkraut and salt pork or bacon or whatever similar I have currently in the fridge.

Those booties are cool. I get tired after making one thing and have to move to a different project.

Chai Chai said...

Nothing better that little lambs...except for maybe baby goats!

Christopher said...

Hmm.. They would be better for goulash! I will have to try that!
I get bored making hte same thing too! I have two bins ful of UFOs!