Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Fiber Mill

I finally got my yarn back from Battenkill Fibers and I really love it! I say finally because I just couldn't wait for it , but they delivered it in the time slot they promised. Four to six months. The black is from Barbara (the sheep that died shortly after being sheared) and the grey is from Connie (the sheep I gave back to the original owners).
There was alot of waste from second cuttings and I think I need I need to let the farm that has Connie know this. They might want to think about a different shearer. There are about 7- 4oz skeins of the grey and 8- 4oz skeins of the black.  When the mill spins the wool, they add a little oil to help cut down on static electricity. After the finished yarn returns to the owner it has to washed to remove the oil. The picture is of my yarn drying.

My Biggest news......

I bought my first Shetland Sheep!!!!
They are from Wild Geese Farm owned by Lynn and Shawn Bliven. My barn is being Amish built and will be finished by June 15th and my sheep will be ready to be picked up by June 18th. I named them Chablis and Chardonnay.
Chablis was born 4/18/12 and is a Moorit color with Smirslet markings and Chardonnay was born 4/4/12 and is white with brown markings (Yuglet/Flecket/Sokket.) I can't wait to have them home!!!


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Petra said...

Chris, congratulations! They are adorable!